Thank You Wyandotte – Looking Back at Paint-the-Town-Pink

Paint-the-Town-Pink - A Month to Remember

paint_the_town_pinkYes Ma'am Henry FordWyandotte, and the world, is wrapping up the one month long campaign for breast cancer awareness or what many refer to as Pinktober. For anyone that might have missed the many events and discussions over the past month, Wyandotte's version of Pinktober is known as Paint-the-Town-Pink. Love Wyandotte is not yet ready to divulge publicly how much our initiative raised for the cause, the cause being the Yes Ma'am program at Henry Ford hospital, I will 'accidentally' say publicly that the amount GREATLY exceeded our goals. Please do stay tuned for future announcements and a press release from the Love Wyandotte leadership.

The Hallmark of a Thriving Community - Teamwork

The energy, enthusiasm and teamwork for Paint-the-Town-Pink that I personally witnessed over the past month transcended every walk of life, all genders, every age group, every ethnicity and every kind of person you can imagine. The absolute selflessness and dedication to the cause, the many hours of time commitment, the vast capital resources that were invested into the cause was beyond anything I have ever been a part of.

A Big Thank You

So many names of people that participated, too many to mention here but I will do my best to say thank you. Thank you (last names omitted for sake of privacy): Michelle, Bernie, Vanessa, Barb, Jerry,  Dianne, Janelle, Peter, Ginger and many more! Those are just the people, many of our local businesses contributed donations for the raffle at the Pink-a-Palooza event. Recognition for the efforts from Wyandotte Roosevelt High School also should be noted or rather emphasized. The energy and commitment from our youth was very inspiring. The high school promoted a "Pink Out" event during the month in which the student body wore pink in a show of support and solidarity for the cause.

Trinity Transportation - Donation of October revenue to breast cancer awareness

A Special Thank You - Trinity Transportation

One business in particular I personally feel should receive individual recognition is Trinity Transportation. Trinity Transportation is not a Love Wyandotte affiliate but that is in no way shape or form a reason not to mention and thank them for their contribution. Trinity agreed to donate a percentage of all revenue for the month of October to the cause and despite not having full knowledge of the details, I will simply say that the amount their donation will be headline worthy once it is announced. They do a great job providing transportation services to our community and whenever you need a ride somewhere, please do consider Trinity for your mass transit needs. As a token of appreciation from our community, we kindly ask that you click the "Like" button below and connect with Trinity Transportation below. Right now Trinity Transportation has 345 "Likes", let us as a community help support them, we would consider 400 "Likes" a success but lessons learned with Paint-the-Town-Pink our mission is not to meet goals, it is to exceed them!