#Shift Your Shopping: Tuesday November 26th 8pm EST on Twitter


We kindly invite anybody and everybody from Detroit, Wyandotte, metro Detroit and the entire USA area to participate.

It would be FANTASTIC if you could join us in person at Tongue’s Coffee (click here for directions) in beautiful downtown Wyandotte but if you are not able to make it in person below are some simple instructions that will help you better understand the campaign and how

  • Use #ShiftYourShopping in a Tweet (preferably not a Retweet) and include a brief message (your favorite small business) and mention 2-3 friends
  • Tweet as many times as you can from 8-9 PM using #ShiftYourShopping mentioning as many of your followers as possible
  • If you are new to Twitter, follow @Love Wyandotte and/or @3VBizSolutions and watch Tweets from them from 8-9 PM
  • Be creative with your Tweets but let’s have some fun with it
  • Local area small businesses are encouraged to participate, show support and promote their goods, products and services (we are hoping for a LARGE audience)
  • Example Tweets Below

Shift Your Shopping in Wyandotte - #ShiftYourShopping

Love Wyandotte (LoveWyandotte) on Twitter - Google Chrome_2013-11-25_18-51-17

* If you have any questions please DM/Tweet to @LoveWyandotte or @3vBizSolutions or send an email to info@lovewyandotte.org.

#ShiftYourShopping – The Movement

Plaid Friday - The local shopping alternative to Black Friday!The shopping season is upon us and Love Wyandotte is working hard building the bridge between Wyandotte’s local businesses and the community. As an organization, Love Wyandotte is an affiliate of a larger movement, AMIBA (American Independent Business Alliance) and 160+ other organizations throughout the country. What is our call the action for the holiday season?


Anything and everything that you need or would like to know about #ShiftYourShopping may be found at the website, http://shiftyourshopping.org/2013. For those of us in Wyandotte, it is a two (2) month long campaign to advocate and promote the value to our resident of shopping in locally owned independent businesses, Nov 1 to Dec 30th.

#ShiftYourShopping – The Conversation and the Hashtag

What is that funny little ‘#” in front of ShiftYourShopping?

A hashtag, if you are someone that is not very involved in social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) you might not entirely understand the concept of a hashtag. A hashtag has many (MANY) purposes however one of the most important is that a hashtag is a conversation. The hashtag is the glue that binds the conversation about a given topic. A hashtag can have 1 person participating or a global audience, among friends, in a community, in a region, across a country and across the globe. There is obviously a lot more to be said about hashtags but let us take a look at what people are saying on Twitter about #ShiftYourShopping.

#ShiftYourShopping – A Call to Action

Ah, yes, the call to action! We are kindly asking everyone to participate in the conversation about #ShiftYourShopping on Tuesday November 26th between 8pm and 9pm EST. The conversation will be hosted on Twitter and is really quite simple, follow (search) the hashtag #ShiftYourShopping and participate!  Not on Twitter? Do not understand Twitter? Do not worry, we will broadcast the conversation from our website and you can watch the conversation as it unfolds! Love Wyandotte will also provide a brief tutorial on our website explaining “what is Twitter?” and “how to use Twitter?” Our AMAZING community in Wyandotte and the Love Wyandotte alliance will be kick-starting the conversation at 7:45 PM.  Examples of what will be included in the conversation

    • Questions about #ShiftYourShopping
    • Links to resources about #ShiftYourShopping
    • Opinion’s from people about #ShiftYourShopping
    • What teenagers think about shopping local and #ShiftYourShopping
    • Valuable discounts, promotions and sales at local business for #ShiftYourShopping
    • YOUR thoughts and opinions about #ShiftYourShopping

Please do check the status updates on the Love Wyandotte Facebook page, the Love Wyandotte Twitter account and the Love Wyandotte website. We have a lot of work to do but with the full support of the high school, the Love Wyandotte alliance, our community and our partners this will be conversation you surely do not want to miss! You can keep current with the conversation below and please do follow Love Wyandotte on Twitter.

Michael Lucy

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My name is Michael Lucy, I own and operate a local technology and marketing company, 3V Business Solutions. I am not only a Love Wyandotte alliance member, I am actively involved in the alliance and a contributor to the Love Wyandotte blog. My views and opinions are consistent with the Love Wyandotte cause and hence I both enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to provide value to the alliance!

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