Save Money – Cut the Cord and Shop Local

Save Money – Cut the Cord and Shop Local

Cutting the Cord – What is it?

Cutting the cord is a term used to describe severing a relationship (or subscription) with costly cable or satellite TV services. In 2015, the advance of technology has empowered consumers with an attractively priced alternative to high priced cable and satellite TV. What is the alternative? Streaming media!

The brief video from Tom Lawrence of PC Pickup and Lawrence Systems describes the current state of cutting the cord and how to save money ($$$).

Cutting the Cord, Money Saved and Shop Local

Love Wyandotte and our partners, AMIBA and Independent We Stand, are staunch advocates of the shop local and main street movements. That said, we also realize that advocating, empowering, education and promoting local businesses requires that consumers have disposable income before considering shopping in the first place.

This article is a unique twist on the usual shop local message. This article, and future articles, will provide unique educational and informative information on how to save money, free up disposable income, add value and extra money to your life then use some of that money to SHOP LOCAL!

Cutting the Cord, Trends and Money Saved – What the World is Saying?

Not convinced yet? Let take a look around and see what the world is saying about cutting the cord!

From FrugalLivingMom

streamingGreat, we were free of $60+ a month charges! So we started to think… we already pay for internet and we already pay $8 a month for Netflix… what other options are there so we could still watch some of our favorite shows? We decided to check out Hulu Plus for $8 a month and it lets us watch all the shows we love for cheap! You can see a list of all the shows Hulu Plus offers here.


The only “investments” we needed to make was a Roku device for our bedroom since we already had a Blu-Ray player for the living room that streamed. So we checked out and found a Roku device for $70, basically the same as one month’s worth of Satellite service. (You can find it for just $49 here!) So we still get to watch all our favorite shows, keep Netflix and pay way less than we were before!


Also see: Save $54.79 Every Month By Snipping and Subbing Your Cable Plan!


Let’s add it up just to see how much this process REALLY saves:


Satellite Service at $60/month = $720 per year


Hulu Plus and Netflix service at $16/month = $192 per year


Total Savings = $528 per YEAR! 

7 Ways to save on cable TV from Passion for Savings

Cutting The Cable


Article by Michael Lucy of 3V Business Solutions, LLC!

Michael Lucy

About The Author

My name is Michael Lucy, I own and operate a local technology and marketing company, 3V Business Solutions. I am not only a Love Wyandotte alliance member, I am actively involved in the alliance and a contributor to the Love Wyandotte blog. My views and opinions are consistent with the Love Wyandotte cause and hence I both enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to provide value to the alliance!

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