Breast Cancer Awareness In Downriver

You'd have to be living under a rock to not have seen the copious decorations in Downtown Wyandotte. Paint the Town Pink celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness month in Wyandotte! The trees are covered in pink lights, the shops have pink ribbons in their windows, and even the fountain was dyed pink! But not all of us can run marathons to raise awareness. Some of us want to help, but aren't sure how. There is a fun new way you can!

Wyandotte Woman Creates Fundraiser

Cheryl Gonzalez Washburn was inspired by last year's Paint the Town Pink event and so she decided to create a fundraiser of her own! Pink-a-Palooza will be held on Saturday October 26th Grand Harbor Banquet Center located at 1 Saint Johns Street 6-11pm. All proceeds from the event will be donated directly to the Yes Ma'am Program of Henry Ford Hospital Wyandotte. The program provides free mammograms for uninsured women. This passion for activism goes beyond simple volunteering: Cheryl has a personal connection to the battle against cancer.

Path to a Cure

The cruel hand of cancer struck when Cheryl was only 10 years old. "My mother was diagnosed with melanoma and died at the young age of 38 of metastasized carcinoma," says Cheryl. "She left 6 children, ages 7 - 16." It's hard enough losing a parent at any age, but imagine losing your mother at age 10! Unfortunately, Cheryl's pain did not end there. "In 2008, my youngest sister  was diagnosed with Stage 4 Triple Negative Breast Cancer at the age of 41. She had a mammogram in March, which was clear, and by October felt the lump while showering," says Cheryl. "Her particular cancer is very aggressive and usually does not respond well to any treatments. She underwent a lumpectomy, chemotherapy & radiation. By the grace of God, she is doing well today." Many cancers, breast cancer included, are fast growing, which is why breast examines, even ones done in the shower, are so important. Had Cheryl's sister not been looking for the lump, it might have been too late. If you feel something on your breast or any other part of your body that seems odd, don't hesitate to go to your doctor! Even if it's nothing, it's worth having the peace of mind. Interestingly, five of the children Cheryl's mother left behind were girls, yet Cheryl herself has not had cancer. However, she is part of a very comprehensive study known as "The Sister Study," which examines why some family members develop breast cancer and others do not.  "It is very thorough, evaluating everything from my diet to my work & living environments beginning at an early age to the current time," says Cheryl. "I volunteered for this study because I feel that any small bits of information that are gathered can bring big answers to this awful disease." In addition, she and her sisters participate in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure walk in May every year for 10 years. Her mission to help other was inspired when she saw Peter and Janelle Rose's Paint the Town Pink campaign, which had it's 2nd Annual kickoff earlier this month. Peter Rose owns Chelsea's Menswear and Janelle owns Willow Tree, both shops in Downtown Wyandotte. Together, they and other business owners help spread awareness. Cheryl wanted to be involved as well, so she attended a meeting  and it was there she met not only the Roses but Tom and Dianne Woodruff of Downriver Stone Design as well. These volunteers, among others, inspired the idea that became Pink-a-Palooza.

You can help!

Tickets to Pink-a-Palooza are $25 and with that, you get * A Pink Balloon Launch will Kick Off the fun at 6:00PM * Gourmet Appetizers from Campbell-Your Catering * 2 Drink Tickets for Wine, Craft Beer or a Domestic * Additional wine and beer will be available for purchase * Live Music BY Girls Night Out and a DJ * Memory & Honor Boards * Survivor Photo Gallery * Prize for Best Dressed in Pink * Bras for the Cause Grand Jury & Auction

In addition, Speedboat Bar which is located in front of the Banquet Hall that the Palooza is taking place is having a Halloween Costume Party starts at 9pm 1st prize $100.00 2nd prize $50.00 3rd prize $25.00. Contest goes from 10 pm to 12:30 must be in costume at the bar by 11:30 to be in contest food table after 10pm and prize raffles thru out the night. Scary-oke (Karaoke) starts at 9pm to 1:30am ~ Drink Specials include Cotton Candy Martinis!

But hurry! There's only 30 tickets left! If you want to help a good cause and have fun at the same time, this is perfect event for you!

Check out the facebook event page for more information here!